Fluegel’s carries a large selection of horse care products and feeds, including our very own sweet and pelleted feeds! Fluegel’s sweet feed comes in 12%, and 14%.  We also have 14% pelleted and  Hi Fat 14% pelleted feed. 


From the beginning, our scientists set out to understand exactly how good nutrition works. As a result, Nutrena® animal feed has been developing the latest innovations in the care and feeding of animals since 1921. We focus on providing precisely balanced, consistent nutrients in every bag to bring out the best in your animal, at any age or activity level.
— www.NutrenaWorld.com

Progressive Nutrition

Progressive Nutrition® is a research-based company dedicated to providing the precise nutrition horses need to look, feel and perform their best. We offer customized feeding solutions — including feeds, diet balancers and supplements — that give your horses the specific nutrients they need.
— www.Prognutrition.com


Since 1894, we’ve been committed to providing you with the best animal nutrition possible. So we’ve partnered with an extensive network of independent feed dealers and farm and fleet retailers who share our values to help you choose what’s best for your animals.
— www.PurinaMills.com

Triple Crown Nutrition

While feeding your horse Triple Crown® feed, supplements and fiber may not automatically place your horse in the winner’s circle, it will help her maintain high performance levels, and keep her healthy and in supreme condition.
— www.TripleCrownFeed.com